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Insomnia Links: Sacramento Kids In Need, Twitter For A Reason, The Hyper-local Blogging Economy & iWant

This inevitably happens before I fly: Random thoughts swirling in my head until I eventually pass out from exhaustion. Sacramento Loaves & Fishes – I plan on stopping by here while I am in town. If you are concerned about the children profiled in Oprah’s piece on the tent cities in Sacramento, check out this

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Today’s Links & WTF #2: Mun2’s random gay diss

I spent to much money at Sephora on lotions and face junk this morning which has made me a combo of satisfied and guilty = saguilty. So the self inflicted punishment is limiting myself to my collection of links from last night, and another WTF. 🙁 Enjoy. Linkage 1.  Zooomr – Better than Flickr? Hm. Tell me, I’m to lazy

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