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Category : WTF

Today’s Links & WTF #2: Mun2’s random gay diss

I spent to much money at Sephora on lotions and face junk this morning which has made me a combo of satisfied and guilty = saguilty. So the self inflicted punishment is limiting myself to my collection of links from last night, and another WTF. 🙁 Enjoy. Linkage 1.  Zooomr – Better than Flickr? Hm. Tell me, I’m to lazy

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Revver News, My Cool Friends, WTF, and general loveage

Still can’t watch you on MySpace… Last week Verizon announced their partnership with Revver. …So, later this year, Revver videos will be available on television for free to Verizon FiOS customers. PS: Are your revver clips available through vcast? Let me know, I’ll check ’em out. Bloggadocious News  This entry, besides being a scatter brained

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