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Revver News, My Cool Friends, WTF, and general loveage

Still can’t watch you on MySpace…

Last week Verizon announced their partnership with Revver.
…So, later this year, Revver videos will be available on television for free to Verizon FiOS customers.

PS: Are your revver clips available through vcast? Let me know, I’ll check ’em out.

Bloggadocious News 

This entry, besides being a scatter brained crackathon, introduces two new probably-not-to-be-regularly-updated features within “The Lair”:

My Cool Friends & WTF. Here we go!

Julia Barnes – Why is she cool? Obviously, hello. She used to be a slam poet, she has great style, and she buys me margaritas when I’m broke. I met her through LiveJournal a million years ago and now she is my “oldest” NYC homeskillet. But in case we need further justification, she recently introduced me to my new favorite time waster, Last.FM. To quote the ever elequent ‘Ju from a recent email exchange:

“I just got Last.FM… I feel so late to the game.  You should have one if you don’t already… this is cool as hell. Now I have a whole new way of stalking attractive strangers on the Internets – by checking how music-snobby they are.”

Way to go, Ju! You just became the first person profiled in My Cool Friends. Clappity clapperson. That just happened.

… And just when I thought I was done raving about Do The Ju, I stumbled across this in her myspace blog:

… What the eff is this, Julia? Oh:


“Dear MySpace… on’t know whether to laugh or be offended. I think Choice A. That’s some WTFuckery right there.”

…So without even trying, she has helped me with the very first installment of WTF.


My Alt. MTV

I love Antcast. And now I can love them on the go: Antcast: videos.antville now available as video podcast!


And lastly….

Pistolera Update #30ti40580468407:

My music video for “Cadazor” will soon be available through Free Speech TV – They asked for a copy and are going to air it.  …NYRemezcla is also showing it some love on their homepage. Thanks!

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