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Keepin’ It Sticky: Tips for Engaging Fans Online & Mun2’s DIY Episodes

I love Mun2’s DIY episodes <3 A girl, a robot. Problems, solutions. How-to, doo doo. Airs weekly on The mun2 Shift. Keepin’ It Sticky! This franchise is a perfect example of a network capturing the audience with interesting content and nurturing that interest online. I hate using the phrase “continuing the conversation” but it definitely

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Cross-Site Video Syndication Issues – Can all your channels play in your RSS?

If you are a subscriber to Beet TV‘s rss feed, you have probably noticed that they publish video on several platforms. Both Google Video and Youtube channel embeds play within RSS reader windows (I use Google Reader and Bloglines). Back in May, Beet TV indicated they were going to start doing more cross-site video syndication,

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