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My Musings: Street Team ’08 & Captain Obvious Announces “It’s A Multi-Platform World”

It has been a while since I updated so here’s a quick download: I recently led a workshop for our Street Team ’08 members. These 51 state-based citizen journalists will be covering election ’08 from a youth perspective. They will submit weekly reports online and via mobile, which should lead to some interesting and hyper-local

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Getting Votes Through Novelas & Other Signs of Potentially Savvy Online Outreach

I can’t believe I missed this! Barack Obama supporters have been going after California Latino voters through mini online Spanish language novelas. The mini-novelas are called Tu Voz, Tu Voto and were part of the “Como Se Dice…Como Se Llama (Obama, Obama)” media campaign that was launched by Nueva Vista Media in June of ’07.

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Pulling Back The Curtain: Radical Transparency Pioneers – Profile #1 Walt Disney

So you’re trying to increase capital and resources for your fledgling company, cultivate lucrative partnerships, the whole exciting hot mess that is entrepreneurship, but are hesitant to expose the personal side of your business. How much info is too much info? Perhaps peeps would be willing to offer more support – if they had a

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