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Spazzing Out, Linkage & Are You Sticky?

Oh. My. God. Sistas In The Pit‘s Ieela Grant left a comment on my blog entry praising Girl Drummers.

I rarely indulge in dorky fan spazz-outs so, deal with it.

Click the pic to watch Matt’s footage!

“The Sistas in Denver on April 17, 2007, at the Fillmore Auditorium, opening for Iggy Pop and the Stooges. I have no idea what song this was, it’s not on their album, but oh my god did it rock. Sorry about the sound quality, it was taken by a small camera. Incidentally, I have permission from the band to post this. :)” – Matt Bentley

Thanks for posting your video comment, Matt! Set up a flickr account and let me know when all your pics are up!

Besides moving, there are a lot of other things going on in my life over the next few days so I can’t guarantee I will be blogging. I invite you to stop visiting this page until Monday, and enjoy the sunshine.

Links to Peruse

* Poptopus – via mashable
A MySpace compatible music widget that pays every time a song is played, instead of only when it’s purchased.

* Added to the Lair’s Feed: Format Magazine

* I enjoy reading these blog entries by aspiring journalists/soon to be grads.

* Brandon Fletcher’s new “we met online” series Date: Unknown

I don’t think the people he is following are particularly interesting. It’s actually pretty cringe inducing for me to watch, but some people are into that. What I do find interesting is that he’s visually documenting something that has been happening for quite some time (people hooking up through MySpace) and using the same medium to promote/distribute/find sponsorships.

* Branding yourself through Social Networks – via quicksprout

QuickSprout’s steps to branding success are (to put it nicely) no-brainers. However, for those who are aspiring artists/filmmakers/new media moguls with limited knowledge of the vast world social networking, the pointers are useful. It could even help those who claim to be experts. It amuses me how the most “honkin’-their-own-2.0-horn” sites still don’t seem to get what being Sticky actually means.

5 Signs that You Aren’t Sticky

by Daniela

1. Your site has a blog, but it is rarely updated.

2. You offer video on your site, but limited options of how that video can be shared (no RSS)

3. You have to login to view content on your site (lame)

4. Your website is as visually appetizing as petmeds

5. No one ever comments

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