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The Bronx: A Home & Path To Transformation

Hello, readers. It’s been a while. I’m back in NYC, having spent the last week of August packing and moving to a temporary residence in the Bronx. Why such an extreme move, you may ask? Like many young people affected by the economy, I no longer have a staff job with company subsidized benefits. Unlike many

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On The Road

I’ve been enjoying my month long Cali trip, visiting with family and friends and celebrating my five year anniversary of moving from CA to NY. You can check out some photos of what I’ve seen so far here. They were all taken with my blackberry storm because my digital camera is M.I.A. I’ll post more

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Insomnia Links: Sacramento Kids In Need, Twitter For A Reason, The Hyper-local Blogging Economy & iWant

This inevitably happens before I fly: Random thoughts swirling in my head until I eventually pass out from exhaustion. Sacramento Loaves & Fishes – I plan on stopping by here while I am in town. If you are concerned about the children profiled in Oprah’s piece on the tent cities in Sacramento, check out this

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