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A Multiplatform Life: Things I Learned In D.C. Covering The Presidential Inauguration

I spent January 17th – 21st in D.C, working with MTV News to provide coverage of the presidential inauguration. I spent my days and some evenings shooting interviews and performances for televised broadcast on MTV. I worked at the following events:

– Shepard Fairey Manifest Hope Gallery show

– Green Inaugural Ball

– Latino Inaugural Ball

Pepsi, Spike Lee and Howard University Present ‘Refresh the World’ Symposium

– Youth Inaugural Ball

In the evenings/early mornings I changed roles and handled remote digital production for This was my first time to be designated by the department as a multiplatform producer (in an official capacity) and a crash course in what that means on location.

My experience in D.C. was amazing, a lot of work and a terrific educational experience. I am very slowly cutting together a mini video diary but wanted to share some thoughts in the meantime.

Here is (some) of what I learned in D.C.

1. Gel insoles for every pair of shoes you bring saves crucial minutes used up by awkwardly swapping them out each time.

2. Gel insoles make the different between horrible back pain + feet pain or just horrible back pain.

3. Getting as much petty cash as you can from production management saves you a lot of heartache in a city without 24hr public transportation. Don’t forget receipts.

4. Using tape on camera batteries helps you to remember which ones are charged/not charged in the field (don’t forget your designation).

5.  Often internet connections at temporary production offices really suck. Have your laptop broadband card available at all times.