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Yes, I’ve Been Doing Some Writing.

Here are some of my latest clips:

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 10.30.05 PM

My goal was to culture jam in such a way that young people who had MTV on their radar would also know about #SayHerName if they didn’t already, as well as find out about the Black Girls Lead conference. Nailed it.


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My amazing editor Shana asked me to write about this topic and I was able to include – along with celebrities who don’t necessarily need more fame – some amazing activists who inspire me every day. Nailed it.


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I don’t know about you, but I love Lucy Lawless and vampires in equal measure. I got to preview the “Salem” trailer and go full fangirl. Nailed it.

This post is a promise to myself that since I apparently have time to write for pay, I’m going to (gasp!) start blogging on The Lair every day, no matter what. I think I’ve attempted to do this a few times since 2007, but paid work and life have always been obstacles. Despite my legitimate excuses for not writing consistently, I’m going to start taking advantage of this website I pay for and share more of my own creative writing with the world. Wish me luck.



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@dcap Sings A Song A Day: Vol 3. ‘Creep’ by Radiohead

I’ve been singing every day but I keep forgetting to publish the clip here—oops. ^_^ I’ve been … busy. Anyway.

I’m experimenting with different styles. I sang this while sitting down and without a proper warm up. I put filters over all my videos because I don’t want people focusing on what I look like. For a while, I simply want to make the videos with filters on them in Photobooth, upload them and not edit them at all.

A @dcap recap: Daniela Capistrano’s favorite memories from 2012

I remembered that I did some sort of “2012 recap” a few months ago, and that a lot of significant stuff had happened since then, but I couldn’t remember what. I had to spend several hours eating chocolate and racking my memory banks, but the result of that sacrifice is the list of moments* below.

my feelings about access to air conditioning in #miami #hallelujah
Daniela Capistrano, self portrait (Nov. 23, 2012)

What you are about to read are the events from 2012 that make me feel good about being alive. What I am taking away from these memories are the following three lessons:

1) It’s really important to make yourself leave your house, even if it’s the last thing you want to do.

2) Channeling your anger into fuel for doing good things in the world is a lot less expensive than drinking a lot.

3) Sometimes you just need to take a self-timeout and have a popsicle before reacting in a harsh manner. Give yourself time to consider your response.

Enjoy the memories! It might make more sense if you scroll to the bottom and read it from January to December instead of December back to January, but, you know … do you 🙂

December 2012