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Paris, I Love You.

I’m making a documentary about female graffiti artists around the world, starting with AM aka Alice Mizrachi during her artist residency in Paris. I’ll be here from 9/15-10/15. You can follow all our adventures at This blog will be neglected for a while longer, but I will post again as soon as I have

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See Ya Soon, NYC.

I’m flying home tomorrow for a long visit. It’s hard being away from my family, but sacrifices are a part of life. You can’t pursue your dreams if you are afraid of growth. One of the tiny gifts of being in New York for almost five years now is baring witness to the micro economy

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Vlog/Travel: Message For Trinidy

I haven’t been back to Cali since 2007, which was a wonderful visit but also very difficult. 2008 was great, don’t get me wrong; I traveled a lot for work and met a bunch of cool new friends. But being thousands of miles away from all of your family members is not easy. After almost

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