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The Lair’s Interwebs Ideas Vol. I: Twitter, New York Times and Entertainment Industry Job Sites (All Of Them)

1) Why isn’t Twitter part of ShareThis options – with an auto tiny URL feature?

There are lots of mobile apps and browser bookmark updates that let you send links to Twitter, but I don’t use them because I don’t tweet that often. Updating ShareThis seems like a no brainer – no matter where you are (on the go, on your comp or someone else’s) you should be able to easily share links on Twitter from within the content itself.

I often find myself inspired to share links through tweets when I am reading an article on a news or lifestyle site. Being able to avoid creating my own tiny url, opening up Twitter in another tab, etc. would be a great time saving feature.  Hello!

An alternative right now is Publish2‘s service for journalists and newsrooms. Their link journalism methods allow you to share stories with other professionals, bookmark with notes for yourself and send to Twitter.

That’s fine for now, but as ShareThis is the standard for most sites it would be better if they just did a little upgrade.

Two more amazing ideas, after the jump!