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The Lair’s Interwebs Ideas Vol. I: Twitter, New York Times and Entertainment Industry Job Sites (All Of Them)

1) Why isn’t Twitter part of ShareThis options – with an auto tiny URL feature?

There are lots of mobile apps and browser bookmark updates that let you send links to Twitter, but I don’t use them because I don’t tweet that often. Updating ShareThis seems like a no brainer – no matter where you are (on the go, on your comp or someone else’s) you should be able to easily share links on Twitter from within the content itself.

I often find myself inspired to share links through tweets when I am reading an article on a news or lifestyle site. Being able to avoid creating my own tiny url, opening up Twitter in another tab, etc. would be a great time saving feature.  Hello!

An alternative right now is Publish2‘s service for journalists and newsrooms. Their link journalism methods allow you to share stories with other professionals, bookmark with notes for yourself and send to Twitter.

That’s fine for now, but as ShareThis is the standard for most sites it would be better if they just did a little upgrade.

Two more amazing ideas, after the jump!

2) Why doesn’t the New York Times website allow you to embed their videos?

Their reports are actually really good and I usually watch them every morning. I have often considered writing a blog post addressing points from the videos but I don’t, because you can’t embed.

I don’t like writing about a video if I cannot share it immediately within my blog. How many others are avoiding writing about New York Times content because there’s no way to embed video? Hm.

3) Why isn’t there a comprehensive entertainment industry job aggregating site that is actually reliable?

I am speaking from years of scouring all forms of job sites, free and paid. Since I was seventeen, I’ve found 99% of my jobs online. I also consider myself to be an expert in finding non crappy, legit entertainment job postings online. Recently I’ve been forwarding daily leads to friends looking for work and more times than I can count I’ve found jobs that they never knew existed because supposed accurate sites didn’t have them.

How frustrating is that? It bothers me that I have friends scouring all of these sites, wasting time, when some of the best opportunities don’t even show up in search.

Try to convince me of an entertainment job aggregating site that does what I’m talking about and I will find you 10 jobs in less than five minutes somewhere else that aren’t listed on that same site.

News aggregating sites abound, so why isn’t something that is aggregating from all major job sites like Monster, Media Bistro and The Biz as well as from listings on individual company sites like Time Warner and HBO, media union and organization sites, craigslist, MySpace, Facebook, etc – all in one place?

If there are any programming geniuses out there who want to work on this idea with me, send me a message.

You could just steal my idea but trust me, your site will suck compared to what it could be with us working together. My ideas for search capabilities and interface design will make your face melt.

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