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Oh, Mija: Latino studies and culture blog

My Latina identity — my place in Latino culture — is a tricky beast. Just because I share similar culture traits with many other folks, it doesn’t mean that everything positioned as “Latino-focused” on the web appeals to me. I find myself skipping from site to site as I look for content, news and visual inspiration I can relate to. is awesome but a little too young for me. Being Latino is a great resource for many people but I’m turned off by their website layout and usually don’t relate to their Facebook posts. Latina Magazine is wonderful but a little too mainstream for my personal tastes. is coming soon, but judging from their Tumblr, it seems very consumer-focused and that’s not my cup of tea. I used to write for Urban Latino back in 06/07 but am not a fan anymore. Latina Voices shares useful information but tends to focus on “serious” topics.

Enter my new Tumblr project: Oh, Mija: Whimsical, delightful, curious and unusual expressions of Latino/a identity. And sometimes space junk.

So far I’ve been reblogging rad Tumblr posts and adding my own spin/additional context. I’ve started posting original content and plan on adding more community-driven pieces over time. Oh, Mija is a place for me to create visual and narrative mashups of Latino life, identity and culture. This includes but is not limited to amazing GIFs, news articles and commentary, art + design, films and comedy.

For me, Latino identity at its core is a remix. With Oh, Mija, I want to show the beauty within the remix.

If you like what you see and want to contribute, send me your questions and suggestions.

Stuff I Love: Things By Jen

Jennifer Ruiz is an artist from Patterson, California, who I discovered through the Chicana/o Art, History, y Cultura pool on Flickr.

I am in love with her Dia de los Muertos/Virgen de Guadalupe-modified  figurines, charms and jewelry.

She describes herself as “a peaceful chick who loves art and creating! You can usually find me at thrift stores or yard sales on the weekends or in my room where I spend a lot of time working on my things. I love blues, jazz and old movies! I create everything from canvas art, jewelry, figurines, beads, dolls and pretty much anything I can slap some paint and glue on.”

Not limited to strictly Chicano inspired art, Jennifer creates all kinds of delightful items from playful dinosaur earrings to vintage shadowboxes.

You can browse and purchase her wares on Etsy.

I am so inspired by people like Jennifer who are actually creating. I am committed to making 2009 the year I do the same.