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Oh, Mija: Latino studies and culture blog

My Latina identity — my place in Latino culture — is a tricky beast. Just because I share similar culture traits with many other folks, it doesn’t mean that everything positioned as “Latino-focused” on the web appeals to me. I find myself skipping from site to site as I look for content, news and visual inspiration I can relate to. is awesome but a little too young for me. Being Latino is a great resource for many people but I’m turned off by their website layout and usually don’t relate to their Facebook posts. Latina Magazine is wonderful but a little too mainstream for my personal tastes. is coming soon, but judging from their Tumblr, it seems very consumer-focused and that’s not my cup of tea. I used to write for Urban Latino back in 06/07 but am not a fan anymore. Latina Voices shares useful information but tends to focus on “serious” topics.

Enter my new Tumblr project: Oh, Mija: Whimsical, delightful, curious and unusual expressions of Latino/a identity. And sometimes space junk.

So far I’ve been reblogging rad Tumblr posts and adding my own spin/additional context. I’ve started posting original content and plan on adding more community-driven pieces over time. Oh, Mija is a place for me to create visual and narrative mashups of Latino life, identity and culture. This includes but is not limited to amazing GIFs, news articles and commentary, art + design, films and comedy.

For me, Latino identity at its core is a remix. With Oh, Mija, I want to show the beauty within the remix.

If you like what you see and want to contribute, send me your questions and suggestions.

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