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Category : work stress

a cold day.

It’s Valentines day, and it’s snowing, but that’s not what is on my mind at all. … All you have to do is google “MTV” and there’s already a lot of info/gossip/etc. circulating about the layoffs that have been going on. It’s happening here too… Along with many others, someone is leaving who has come to mean

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Vloggers – Be ready for your Close Up.

According to Valleywag, Comcast has partnered with Ziddio and will be airing users’ best videos feature on Comcast’s TV On-Demand service. … So maybe. Just maybe. One day I can watch Numa Numa on zeh almighty TeeVee? Without a broadband connection? Zounds! …Today’s entry will remain brief, as I have now gone through 3 hard

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The result of covering the golden globes until 2am

Working for a digital news team has its perks and its… not so perk-like attributes.  Things can be very hectic or there can be a lot of downtime. Tonight was a bit of both. As an unfortunate result, I became addicted to this piece of garbage: [youtube=] I have seriously watched this like 12 times

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