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Twitter Is MySpace For Adults Who Hate MySpace – But Teens Are Catching Up

– image via purplelime‘s flickr In 2007 I created a Twitter account, played around with it for a while and then went “hm, lame”. There were only a handful of people updating and because I didn’t know them or care for their link content, the whole concept of following strangers tweets didn’t appeal to me.

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Vloggers – Be ready for your Close Up.

According to Valleywag, Comcast has partnered with Ziddio and will be airing users’ best videos feature on Comcast’s TV On-Demand service. … So maybe. Just maybe. One day I can watch Numa Numa on zeh almighty TeeVee? Without a broadband connection? Zounds! …Today’s entry will remain brief, as I have now gone through 3 hard

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