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a cold day.

It’s Valentines day, and it’s snowing, but that’s not what is on my mind at all. … All you have to do is google “MTV” and there’s already a lot of info/gossip/etc. circulating about the layoffs that have been going on.

It’s happening here too… Along with many others, someone is leaving who has come to mean a lot to me, who I have looked to as a mentor. As a freelancer, I had never really made any attachments to coworkers - until working at MTV. It’s like a family here – everyone is very supportive, fun to be around, and make the workplace an interesting place to be. I have developed attachments.

So now people are leaving, people who have been with MTV since the beginning, and it’s a very sad day. New people will be coming in, and it will be an adjustment. Since I am technically still a freelancer, I have never had illusions about job security, even here, but I am not going to lie and say that I am not worried about my job. However what has taken precedence over that feeling is the feeling of confusion – why is this happening? I don’t understand. I’ve listened to what people have had to say, read everything I could, and still it doesn’t add up to me.

In my eight months here, I am lucky to have worked with amazing people who also in many ways have challenged me (in a good way). The people I have met here are creative, intelligent, thoughtful individuals and in my own little way (here)  if they happen to stumble across this posting I hope they know that this is the way I feel.

A company is made up of individuals, we all know this. However it becomes to easy, I think, to start making these grand generalizations about everyone at a company based on the decisions of a small group of people. This entry isn’t about defending MTV. It’s about giving appreciation and respect to those who work here (and work so hard), who contribute great ideas and fight for them – even when time after time their ideas are shot down for various reasons. They keep trying - remaining positive, and contributing to a work environment that is fun, educational, inspiring, and rewarding.

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