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The Lair’s 20 Best Moments From 2008

James Spooner on Afro-Punk

I was going to make my last post this year about my best moment from 2008, but why not mention 20 things PLUS the #1 that seemed to come out of nowhere and make this year so memorable?

I hope next year is even more challenging and filled with more of my own creative projects. Missing from this list (that will be in next year’s) is spending time with my god daughter Trinidy and family, spending time with my cousin Christina and her family, finishing my short film and other things that I will include in my future goals post for 2009.

 20 Best Moments From 2008

20. Helping out at Leah’s reading for her first feature ‘Unicorns’

19. First time at Siren Music Fest/Shooting Broken Social Scene

18. The best Vampire movie in a long while came out this year

17. Getting/Assembling my first kitchen island

16. Playing my first NYC gig

15. Meeting/Shooting Ebony Bones at the last McCarren Pool Party

14. Getting my first/last? tattoo

(13 to the top #1 moment, after the jump!)

13. Solo writing/producing my first aired segment for MTV

12. Spending time with my little sister

11. Interviewing Jonathan Ames for a feature on his debut graphic novel, ‘The Alcoholic’

10. Meeting my family in Colorado for the first time

9. Seeing Madonna in concert for the first time

8. Seeing Janet Jackson in concert for the first time

7. Going to Chicago/Lollapalooza for the first time and meeting Kid Sister

6. Visitors to the real Lair: Auntie Ginger and Claudia

5. Seeing my dad in Los Angeles during the MTV Movie Awards

4. Attending the NYAFF with BFF and winning prizes

3. Shooting Janelle Monae on stage and having my photo taken with her

2. Barack Obama winning the ’08 presidential election

1. Completing my Afro-Punk piece (six months in the making!!!)

Honorable Mentions:

+ Shooting at the first All Points West Festival and meeting ?uestlove

+ Shooting Ludacris at the MTV Brave concert

+ Going to Fashion Rocks Party and seeing Pussycat Dolls for the first time

+ Co-starring in this weird class assignment with my cat

+ Being able to buy my home Mac with my 401k money and using it to work on my own creative projects

+ Starting the casting/crewing up process for my short film (even though that fell apart) – good learning experience

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