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Pre-Production Tips: Top 10 Questions For 1st ADs or Producers to Ask (Themselves & Directors)

I came up with this list while joining a production that was halfway through shooting. The producer had quit earlier on and the former 1st AD, whom I was replacing, was unavailable due to a family emergency. You can use this list to help you transition into a production that has already started or as

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The Lair’s Brief History Of The “Buddy Holly Glasses” Look

Those black-framed “Buddy Holly” Glasses. Freeway glasses. Geek Chic. Emo. Nerd cool. We use different words to describe the style, but no one can deny their origin and influence in popular culture. Rarely seen without his trademark black-framed glasses, Buddy Holly was a pioneer of rock and roll. Holly died in his 20’s leaving a

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The Lair’s 20 Best Moments From 2008

I was going to make my last post this year about my best moment from 2008, but why not mention 20 things PLUS the #1 that seemed to come out of nowhere and make this year so memorable? I hope next year is even more challenging and filled with more of my own creative projects.

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