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On My Radar: V.V. Brown

UK songstress V.V. Brown makes me dance around my bedroom until I pass out. She calls her sound do wop indie and – according to her MySpace page – is influenced by (to name a few sources) CSS, Nintendo, science books, Elvis, Fiest and Aretha Franklin. She also recently started her own fashion label called “TENT”.

Right now if you download her single ‘Crying Blood’ from itunes you can enter to win a signed acoustic guitar right here.

V.V. Brown on her new video for ‘Crying Blood’ to popdirt:

It’s always a natural human emotion to feel nervous I guess when you put your art out there because people will always have an opinion of something, and of course with the entitlement to have an opinion,” VV said introducing the clip. “It is what creates the parameters of art, as it is so subjective, and although I follow my instincts and pretty much try to do what is real to me, not listening to much so I’m not swayed from opinion to another, losing a sense of self, and with some wisdom of obviously listening to the people around me that I trust. I really do hope you like it.”

You can see behind-the-scenes footage from the set of ‘Crying Blood’ on Kaos Blac’s blog. I hope V.V. Brown does a show in New York soon!

Summer Fun ’08 Wrap Up: The Spell Is Broken!

Last summer, like all adult summers before it, was pretty freaking terrible. This is how last summer made me feel:


Like a crazy, mangy cat with rabies.

Even worse – judging by my old blog, the most exciting thing going on was paying a buttload of money I didn’t have to a french tutor and having something I wrote about a widget conference linked to on Fast Company’s blog. I did stay in Las Vegas for the 2007 VMAs, but I went there carrying a bunch of emotional baggage over a failed relationship which made me really uninterested in having any fun. (great idea!)

How the bad summer spell was broken and promise to summer ’09 after the jump!