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Summer Fun ’08 Wrap Up: The Spell Is Broken!

Last summer, like all adult summers before it, was pretty freaking terrible. This is how last summer made me feel:


Like a crazy, mangy cat with rabies.

Even worse – judging by my old blog, the most exciting thing going on was paying a buttload of money I didn’t have to a french tutor and having something I wrote about a widget conference linked to on Fast Company’s blog. I did stay in Las Vegas for the 2007 VMAs, but I went there carrying a bunch of emotional baggage over a failed relationship which made me really uninterested in having any fun. (great idea!)

How the bad summer spell was broken and promise to summer ’09 after the jump!

Luckily I didn’t manage to ruin the whole Vegas VMAs trip with my bad attitude – it was a great work experience but inwardly I was basically dry heaving the entire time. So yes – Last summer I didn’t have my own place, I wasn’t in my band, I had yet to learn that I was accepted to the New School, I was newly heartbroken and I wasn’t doing anything except for going to work, practicing french and hating everyone.

But this summer? This summer has been amazing.

This is how Summer 2008 has made me feel:


I traveled to new cities for work and for fun, discovered several new bands that I love, shot and interviewed at a bunch of festivals, spent time with family and met more new friends than I can count (OK I could count them if I tried, but it’s a lot). I played my first show in Brooklyn and made home made enchiladas for the first time in over four years, in my kitchen which is a first ever.

This summer was a success because I didn’t allow my usual boxes to keep me restrained. I tried things that were certainly out of my comfort zone but that ended up being much less scary than I thought they would be.

I will never allow myself to have a lame summer, ever again. I suppose there are things in life that are out of your control, but I can definitely make sure I don’t let a crappy emotional state in one moment dictate my general outlook for several months.

Next summer I am going to break out of my comfort zone ever further: I am going to get a car and go on a cross-country road trip. I’ll bring my camera, laptop (with wireless card) and bass and just go where my instincts guide me. There will be lots of loose ends to tie up before I can do that but I am putting it out there now as a promise to myself.

The purpose of this trip will be two fold: to establish more connections that will benefit me in my creative projects and to learn more about the world. I would like to connect with artists networks and contribute to projects that make a difference for young people. I don’t know how I will do that yet but I will figure it out.

on the road...

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