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Spring Cleaning My Past, Remembering My Future

After 13 years in their Carmichael “dream” house, my mother and stepfather are moving. This weekend they asked me to look through their storage for my childhood items that I wanted to save. I haven’t seen some of these items in over 10 years.

After a lot of agonizing, I’m shipping everything back to NYC because I’m not quite ready to let go, nor do I think I should have to. My entire young life somehow fits into three giant crates. I found toys, my first zines and comics, journals I had forgotten I ever written, and my first musical instrument. Life is a strange dream.




I’m Going: Back To Cali! (For A Visit) + FreeAgent Love

It’s been a while (in 2007!) since I’ve seen my family on our home turf. This Cali-to-New York transplant has finally saved up enough dough to get outta Gotham for a while and spend some time on the left coast with the people I miss so much.

There’s a lot of history I have missed out on and one 7 day trip isn’t going to make up for that, but I am coming prepared: I’m bringing my new 500G FreeAgent Go.

FreeAgent Go
image via Vector_Transformers’ Flickr

I ordered one the other day on and I’m hoping it arrives in time.

I’ve missed a lot of birthdays, holidays and special moments, so I plan on spending some time on each of my loved ones’ computers, taking some memories home with me via images and videos. If I find music and movies that I like, I’ll be “borrowing” that as well.


I’m going to record a lot of video and take photos while I’m in Cali this time, so being able to dump it all on a drive before I come back to New York makes for easier transfer.

I picked the FreeAgent Go because my primary home computer is a Mac. Although it’s optimized for the Mac, the FreeAgent Go can be formatted to work with both Macs and PCs. It’s sleek and small (I’ve seen a coworker’s and it’s less than six inches wide and under a pound) and it matches my computer. It features both Firewire 800 and USB 2.0.

I tweeted a while back that Seagate should start a social media compaign centered on people who were recently laid off. Many of those folks are using the FreeAgent to quickly and efficiently back up years of data from work computers when they have one day to clear out their offices. That is actually happening in the workforce and there’s a way to talk about that in a sensitive (hopefully funny) way.

Perhaps the angle could be how the FreeAgent made it easier for an individual to transition from one job to another?