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Q&A With RAT TABLE Creator Jeeves Basu

Ben. Willard’s Socrates. Splinter. The Bubonic Plague. The Secret of NIMH. The word ‘rat’ might conjour the aformentioned pop culture zeitgeists, but these misunderstood rodents have never been poised to change the face of design — until now.

Enter RAT TABLE: a miraculous object that will be created entirely by rats.

(Visit RATTABLE.COM for project updates, video previews and more.)

Is RAT TABLE simply Jeeves Basu‘s crazy art project, a statement on commercialism or an ingenius marketing stunt? Like a pair of tiny incisors gnawing a small hole underneath your bedroom door, time will reveal.

If the recent Cool Hunting blurb on Rat Table left you unsatisfied, indulge your obession with Rattus norvegicus on The Lair and take a peek into the twisted, brilliant mind of Jeeves Basu … (more…)