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Twitter Pod on Current TV

from Current TV:
In today’s over-blogged, hyper-texted, socially networked world, Twitter has once again revolutionized the way young people define their community. In this pod, by vc2 producers Open Content, we meet a superuser who tweets incessantly to hundreds of loyal followers, a father of 5 who tweets as a buxom blonde, a Berkeley student whose tweet got him out of Egyptian jail and sit down with one of the founders of Twitter, to find out where the company came from and where it’s going.

This is an interesting user submitted piece that also made it on air. The quality of UGC rises everyday and with that the overall standard of online video. Current TV is a great example of thoughtful, well produced community driven and created media.

… I don’t use Twitter as often as I used to. I was an early adopter but quickly lost interest. I think my diminishing activity on Twitter is a result of most of my friends and colleagues, who prefer to send status updates through Facebook mobile. I now use Twitter mostly to read updates from colleagues (when I forget to check their FriendFeed).