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My Girl In A Coma Story

– image via lightyearradio’s flickr

Tuesday evening (April 15th) I went to a show at The Knitting Factory. My favorite band Girl In A Coma were performing there and I figured it was time to stop being a hermit. I was an online fan for a long while (watching their videos, listening on itunes) but I felt it was time to finally see them live. I don’t live in Texas so I didn’t want to miss this opportunity.

I had such a great time, I wrote a little review and posted it on You R Here. I also uploaded some pictures and video to my Flickr account. On Wednesday (earlier today), I sent links to the contact info on the Girl In A Coma website, hoping the band would see what I recorded at some point.

A few hours later, THIS HAPPENED:

Your eyes are not deceiving you. Daniela’s favorite band posted her show review link and one of her videos on their MySpace page. This excited her so much she has been talking in the third person ever since.

Are there lessons to be learned from this – both in timely cross-site promotion and harnessing the power of UGC? Yes! Are there more organized ways that bands can use existing platforms, fan power and mobile content to document their tours effectively and on the cheap? Yep!

Do I want to talk about it? No! Not right now anyway. I’m sleepy.