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Summer Fun: Lollapalooza ~ Pre-Flight Thoughts

Later this this evening I am flying to Chicago for this year’s Lollapalooza. From August 1st – 3rd, I will be providing remote production support for all of our festival coverage (editing and producing on location for This year’s lineup includes The Ting Tings (I recently shot them at the McCarren Park Pool Party),

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Summer Fun: Eyeball Update, McCarren Park Pool Party w/ the Ting Tings & Alligator Lounge Love

As I mentioned in a recent post, I had never been to the McCarren Park Pool Party events since moving here from Cali over four years ago – until today. Normally I was always working or caught up in some personal drama that required me to stay away from large crowds. This summer has been

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My Week: All Sorts of “Pics” in the Bronx, Black Betty, Pool Parties & The Ting Tings!

– Naima, lead singer of Chewing Pics Stop Bitching that the Bronx is Far This past Thursday evening I left work and headed to my friend Bashira’s exhibition at the Bruckner Gallery in the Bronx. Yes, the Bronx is far. Everyone always talks about how far away it is and how there is nothing to

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