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My Week: All Sorts of “Pics” in the Bronx, Black Betty, Pool Parties & The Ting Tings!

– Naima, lead singer of Chewing Pics

Stop Bitching that the Bronx is Far

This past Thursday evening I left work and headed to my friend Bashira’s exhibition at the Bruckner Gallery in the Bronx.

Yes, the Bronx is far. Everyone always talks about how far away it is and how there is nothing to do there. I was also one of those people, truth be told. One time I went to the Bronx in 2004, got lost, got traumatized and then never went back.

But I like to prove myself wrong now and again and if I let distance keep me from fun I would still be in California complaining that I had nothing to do.

I am really glad I went to this event because I learned more about my friend and experienced great art and music (for free). Also, the 6 train is really not as serious as it used to be, just bring a book. You’ll be fine.

About Departure

Bashira’s art was part of a group show of five photographers who met 5 years ago at The Point, a community arts organization in Hunts Point. She was part of the Jocelyne Benzakin Fellowship program at the International Center for Photography (ICP), where she had access to respected photojournalists, editors and agents. Bashira is a talented photographer who enjoys documenting the world around her, musicians, communities and friends. She is a co-founder of the NYC BRiDGE Project, which teaches young people in neighborhoods where photography is not celebrated and photographic education is limited.

Chewing Pics = Inspiration

Bashira introduced me to Chewing Pics, an experimental rock band that she loves and who contributed to the exhibition Thursday evening.

– Bashira Webb

Because it was a school night and the crowd was made up of mostly academic types, the crowd for Chewing Pics’ set was unfortunately a little small. This didn’t stop them from putting on an amazing show. I can’t wait to see them again with a crowd who doesn’t have to be somewhere at 7am.

Chewing Pics hint: If you want to know what a sonic tidal wave feels like (it feels like electricity yummies, but you be the judge), you’ll only find out by leaving your house.

After the show ended, I spoke to the band members while they loaded their gear into their van.
They were all so down to earth, friendly and communicative – Naima even gave me a free copy of their EP “TARANTULA”. Ernst and I discussed The Dark Knight and I showed him the Jack of Fables comic I was carrying around in my bag.

Chewing Pics is performing at the Safe To Swim Music Festival in Danbury, CT this Saturday, July 27th. It is FREE ^_^. If you are not in the mood to take Metro North, you can also catch them at SPUTNIK in Brooklyn on August 3rd. Five to six bands will be playing and it will only cost ya $10.

Do you know how much Xanax costs? A lot more.

Treat your social anxiety disorder with sweet tunes and cool peeps. It works for me.

Here is a quick clip of Chewing Pics warming up. This clip represents a tiny fraction of the enjoyment I experienced being front and center to the stage. If you want to go to a show with me, leave a comment or email me at daniela.capistrano AT

Mondays don’t have to Suck

This past week has been a great series of memories for Summer ’08. It’s too easy for me to tell myself that I don’t have any energy to do anything after work, but the truth is that if I spend my free time interacting with positive people, I have even more energy than I did at the beginning of the day.

On Monday, my friend Ife introduced me to Black Betty, a bustling neighborhood lounge/restaurant in Williamsburg that feels like a scene from Casablanca but with more hipsters, where I got to see The Reverend Vince Anderson and his Love Choir. Guess who else was jamming with them – TV on the Radio‘s Jaleel Bunton!

Black Betty features free music by the Reverend every Monday night. It’s a casual and friendly atmosphere where everyone is welcome. I will definitely be coming back for more.

“That’s Not My Name!”

This Sunday I am shooting The Ting Tings and MGMT at the
McCarren Park Pool Party for my job. This event is FREE and starts at 2pm.

My colleague Sarah Muller is producing our summer pool party coverage and I am excited to be contributing by shooting at this event and supporting related site and mobile production. I have never attended the pool parties because I was always too freaked out by the idea of being packed into an empty pool with a bunch of strangers, but I am over it now and am looking forward to meeting The Ting Tings as well as shooting their set.


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