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On My Radar: U.S. Economy & You Looking For A J.O.B.

– image by TW Collins on Flickr

The number of unemployed people looking for work is now the highest it’s been in six years.

Every week I receive emails from friends looking for work and it’s becoming more and more difficult to to find ways to help them. People just aren’t hiring. Recently I had to pass on a part time job (TV related) and felt extremely guilty about it – not only because I tend to be a workaholic and feel like I have to be working 247 but because I didn’t have a friend who I could suggest for the position, as it required specific skills. I felt bad for being in a position where I could pass on a job, while others are struggling just to find one.

The blessing and the curse of work in the entertainment industry is that there is this illusion of job security. Even when people are broke, they still go to the movies, watch TV and buy music (yes, even those who illegally download). This need for entertainment keeps people like me employed and companies in business. Even during the Great Depression, 60-70 million Americans still packed into theaters each week.

I don’t have any more answers than the next person. The reality is that it’s extremely difficult to get a job right now, including in the entertainment industry. There are many factors involved including experience and skill level, departmental budgets, who you know and what you are willing to sacrifice in order to progress in your career.

If you are not familiar with these entertainment jobs sites and resources, you should check them out. This list is specifically directed to those in the NY area but can be applied to other locations as well.