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Lists: Robot Army News & Other Cool Bots

image by alternate:words

By the year 2020, the United States Army is planning on having 30 percent of its forces made up of robots.

Asylum (dude lifestyle magazine that I randomly check out) also reports that in South Korea, the military is working on a robot solider that has the ability to fire on its own initiative. LiveScience reports that at present, all of the U.S. Army’s robots are teleoperated. Current military policy is to leave human beings “in the loop” for important decision-making.

Are we ready for a droid army? Will the “don’t ask don’t tell policy” also extend to A.I.? Should I be preemptive and buy right now??

…Before we have gay robots on the front lines, shouldn’t we be doing more to improve the the conditions for flesh and blood soldiers?

I have to admit though, the idea of more robots in the world is pretty awesome:

I don’t know how a giant robo-fly is going to help fight the war on terror, but it looks badass.

In honor of the United States Army’s decision to go roboto, here are some examples of sweet robot armies and awesome robots in film (yeah they all turn on us and made us their slaves in the end, but they look wicked cool while doing it! Owww!):