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Reflections: Looking back at some of my favorite media projects

Here’s a roundup of some of my past video projects that continue to inspire me.

1. “Paris Squat: 59 Rivoli Tour” is part of a series of videos from artist AM aka Alice Mizrachi‘s artist residency in Paris in the fall of 2010. I documented her residency for 30 days, which resulted in a multimedia narrative at and coverage on street art websites.

This footage will be part of a transmedia project that is in development.

Produced by: Daniela Capistrano
Edited by: Daniela Capistrano for DCAP Media LLC
Videographer: Daniela Capistrano

2. “It Takes The Hood To Save The Hood!” is a mini documentary made possible by Phipps Community Development Corporation. Students from the Phipps West Farms Teen Program participated in the production. The people in this video are real and are sharing stories of the loved ones they lost to gun violence.

It Takes The Hood To Save The Hood! from Bashira Webb on Vimeo.

Produced by: Bashira Webb & Daniela Capistrano
Edited by: Daniela Capistrano for DCAP Media LLC
Videographer: Michael Alfieri, Night Train Films

Special Thanks to Gloria Cruz for fighting everyday to bring about change in our communities.

3. “‘Afro-Punk’ Is What You Make It” is a video that was part of my coverage of the Afro-Punk community for MTV News. I made friends within the community and with the founders to ensure that the video accurately reflected the documentary and festival’s history.

Produced & Written by: Daniela Capistrano for MTV News
Edited by: Daniela Capistrano and Sujit Agrawal
Videographer: Daniela Capistrano
Interviews & Research: Daniela Capistrano

On My Radar: Afro-Punk 2009


BAMcinematek and Toyota present

The 5th Annual Afro-punk Festival

featuring Film, Music, Art, Skateboarding and Independence

July 3 – 8 in Brooklyn, NY

Thanks to BFF, I’ve been going to AP shows since 2005. Last year I did a feature on the Afro-Punk festival and community for MTV News. It took six months to pull everything together and was a great learning experience.

Aside from the opportunity to interview inspiring musicians like Tamar-Kali and Janelle Monae, I was able to meet artists of all mediums and make several new friends.

Check out my news brief below and article, then feast your eyes on this year’s lineup.

Afro-Punk Festival 2009
Free and open to the public, Afro-Punk Festival 2009 will spotlight some of the most exciting young artists and bands from the US and abroad, presenting live music and films every night throughout the festival, along with several other key events including:

4th July
Pure Hell
Whole Wheat Bread
American Fangs
Game Rebellion
The Objex
Joya Bravo
& more

5th July
Living Colour
Earl Grey Hound
Tamar Kali
The London Souls
Apollo Heights
& more

6th July
Saul Williams
Janelle Monae
The Dallas Austin Experience
Elevator Fight
Chewing Pic’s
Peekaboo Theory
& more

The festival will once again feature an eclectic film program, co-curated by BAMcinématek with Matthew Morgan and James Spooner. Like last year, there will be a skate park and Afro-Punk Block Party with DIY vendors.

I’m dissapointed that this year’s festival won’t be national, but considering the economy it’s a blessing that this event will be happening again in the first place – and still free to the public!

– press release via Girlie Action

Bushwick Tales: My First House Party

On Saturday I hosted my first house party since moving to NY. Attendees were friends from Afro-Punk and random nice people off the street! We listened to music, livestreamed on a private channel, workshopped some material, ate a lot of snacks and had lots of great convos.

Kaos Blac beat me to this by writing about the party this morning. ^_^ He was a great parlor games manager and candid photographer.

The best part about last night was being around a bunch of interesting people committed to their different art projects. It was also great to debut my new Mario Bros. decals.

It’s a bit of a benchmark for me to finally be able to accommodate guests; I’ve been a bit of a rolling stone. But I have been in my place now since Sept ’07, so once I got the couch it was only a matter of time before I would want people over to sit on it.

edit: Here is some video Kaos Blac aka Bryan shot. He caught me eating his quesadilla at the party.

You can watch the entire video below. Thanks, Bryan!