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Getting Votes Through Novelas & Other Signs of Potentially Savvy Online Outreach

I can’t believe I missed this! Barack Obama supporters have been going after California Latino voters through mini online Spanish language novelas.

The mini-novelas are called Tu Voz, Tu Voto and were part of the “Como Se Dice…Como Se Llama (Obama, Obama)” media campaign that was launched by Nueva Vista Media in June of ’07. The campaign featured a website (Amigos de Obama) and reggaetón song.

– via Boston Globe

Tu Voz, Tu Voto is also being promoted and supported by Vote Hope California. In addition to hosting the series, they created a YouTube channel that contains the short political films inspired by the wildly popular telenovela genre of Latin American soap operas. The three-episode series, in English and Spanish, follow the journey of the Ortiz family and their burgeoning support for Presidential candidate Barack Obama. – via vivirlatino

The Amigos de Obama site doesn’t provide links to the videos beyond a single video promo, so it’s clear that Vote Hope is the responsible entity in terms of promotion and outreach for the series. The point of the videos seem to be that Latino voters need to focus on registering to vote and picking the correct candidate (Obama) in addition to marching for causes. I think the concept behind the series is really clever but after all the work involved, are people even watching the videos?