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“Kid Nation” & Some Widgets To Save The World

– via hephephep1’s flickr “Kid Nation,” a new reality show on CBS, will take 40 Kids ages 8-15 and give them 40 days to build a Utopian society without any meddling adults. This social experiment (Will the next generation create a better world or make the sames socio/political mistakes?) gives the kids $5,000 each as

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WidgetCon 2007 Thoughts: Daniela Style (Pt 1)

So, WidgetCon ’07 is over. If you are looking for a liveblog transcript, go here. As I forewarned, I didn’t liveblog and this won’t be a repeat of everything you can easily find scrolling through all the liveblogs that will inevitably be floating around in the blogosphere over the next day or so. The following

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