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Category : Lil Mama

Lil Mama & Meebo Rooms

– via meebo’s flickr stream Check out the Meebo blog to find out why Lil Mama’s awesome lipgloss is related to meebo’s latest feature. IM website Meebo launched a partner-friendly version of meebo rooms, allowing rich media to be added to the virtual rooms members create to meet up, chat and view videos with their

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Lil Mama & The Future of Artist Promotion

Lil Mama calls herself “the voice of the young people”, and judging by her MySpace page she is definitely affluent in all the ways tweens/teens are using social networking tools to communicate. I have been following Lil Mama’s career progression for a while now, mostly because there’s something intriguing about a young local artist who

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Lil Mama, P.Star, & Miguelito: A study in how the Youngsta Card is played

Jackson Five – ABC – Immature – Aaron Carter: All groups/artists who played the Youngsta Card and parlayed it into (for the most part) successful adult careers. Currently on my radar are three up and comers: Lil Mama, P.Star, and Miguelito. Lil’ Mama is a talented 17-year-old singer/rapper signed to Jive Records. She writes her

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