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LibraryThing vs. Visual Bookshelf

Back in April I gushed about a new social networking site I had stumbled upon – LibraryThing (see Gen-Twitter Malaise: Salvation through LibraryThing?). I am not going to give a bullet point breakdown of all the awesome features LibraryThing offers (I was going to but decided that was a little insane). Here are the major

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Calling all Bibliophile Web Producers: What’s in Your Library?

If you are a book lover who is also part of the tribe that contributes to cross-platform content via your website/blog/vlog/day job/research/reviews/creative schemes: Let’s connect on LibraryThing! 🙂 Join the newly formed Cross-Platform Producers Lair, an open community with an emphasis on book sharing/collection and a place to develop professional and personal relationships with those

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Gen-Twitter Malaise: Salvation through LibraryThing?

I rarely get excited about social networking sites anymore. Call it a hazard of working in the digital realm – overloads the senses with 2.0 detritus and quickly removes the novelty of the ever growing twitteration of my generation. “Always On” holds no real appeal to me anymore. Lately, it all feels like to much

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