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Stuff I Love: Scaring You With Dolls & Killer/Scary Doll Movie List

 I’ve been re-reading Borderlands: La Frontera this week and have been preoccupied with the passages describing the Shadow Beast. This morning I wondered why that was and then I realized that Halloween is coming up, a time when I tend to focus on the macabre. Since I’ll probably seem more creepy if I do this

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I Like Stuff White People Like

I have been cracking up all day: Stuff White People Like My favorite so far is #55. – via Monty and Jayson?EHB285???????EVERNEW???????180B-2???????????????12????? ?????? ??????????? az112r?H&E?????????????????? ??????6F ??165cm fg5227 ????????? ???????????????????????????????50?????? ??? ???? ???2? ??? ?? ?? ?? ??? ??? ???????? ????? ?????? ???? ??? ???? ??? ???? ????? ???????? ???????????? ??????????? BM15M?1500kg? ??????????? ??????????????????????????? ?FS_708-7??H2??????????

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