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Category : 5 Rad Things

5 Rad Things – Filmmaker Edition: Smartphone gadgets, world’s largest use-generated feature film and moooooar

Happy Dia de los Muertos weekend! While many celebrate Halloween, I’m going to participate in another tradition and document examples of altars, sugar skulls and other spiritual artifacts. I’ll share the photos and some video next week. In the spirit of filmmaking and film love in general, here are 5 Rad Things happening at the

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5 Rad Things: YouTube’s new editing tools, how to hide yo kids, hide yo wife, Instagram news, Cinemagraphs and The Queer Commons

In my last edition of 5 Rad Things, I raved about Sonic editions for iPhone. I’m happy to announce that as I approach my 30th birthday (9/29), I have yet to put away childish things and am still inspired by the same ‘ole stuff the kids love: productivity enhancements! 😀 Here are 5 rad things

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5 Rad Things: ‘Unicorns’ film progress, Sonic for iPhone, iPad 3 release date, Facebook’s Social Design Guidelines, and more

I’ve decided that (as part of this daily blogging experiment) I’m going to kick-off a “5 Rad Things” post that I’ll feature every Wednesday on The Lair. Hump days are sometimes hard for me, so little factoids/delights that I manage to pluck from the web and turn around in my head are often just what

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