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Snaps: @dcap’s Summer 2011 + personal and professional growth thoughts

I had intended to only post photos today, but felt compelled to share a few thoughts at the end. Looking at these photos makes me want to take out my 7D and shoot more this weekend.

In some ways, I’ve allowed my iPhone to make me lazy about my photography 😛 But it still brings me a lot of joy to take pics in any form…

Street scenes…

Between sessions at #g4c2011

Mural in Bed-Stuy

Ice ice baby

Union Square Hat Models

I <3 Wikileaks in Fort Greene

Storm Troopers In SOHO

La Dolce Vita at Film Forum

Two Brides

Walking down Lincoln Avenue in the South Bronx

New role at my job…

Countdown's Studio 33 bullpen after hours

Fun with friends…

Pains of Being Pure at Heart at T5

Just a coupla BFFs

CJ reminisces

@corvida runs the TED HQ rooftop

Assisting Rohit with shooting b roll for Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Ghost Caro

Inviting the neighbors

#tedglobal fellow hangs with livestream guest @thatsjodi

#tedglobal stream party spread (some)

Mother and daughter

Calvin dances #jamaica

My Mobay, Jamaica adventure with Rosedawg from June 29 – July 4…


Pier 1 club: pic of a pic :) not edited #jamaica

Rose poses at the Wexford garden

Hearts for Jamaica #beach #ipeerpressuredthem

Food and goodies…

new zines arrived in the mail today <3

new bike rack!

4 new books for The Lair

Moonlights as an art model

Gelato <3

frozen cucumberade at Tiny Cup


Bloody Maria

at a robot talk

Custom iPhone home screen geekness

salmon and a blue moon = <3

Fish tacos at Black Swan


I am blessed. Sometimes I find myself feeling guilty for feeling guilty about it. Silly, right? I’ve worked hard to achieve what I have in my life, but it still saddens and confuses me why I continue to be so fortunate while others suffer.

I look at the similar histories of disenfranchised groups all over the world, and the common thing seems to be lack of empathy. If you can’t relate to your fellow man, it’s very easy to not see them as worthy of your attention, understanding, and support.

So as someone who self-identifies as a Woman, Artist, Chicana, Queer, Feminist, Tech-lover, Filmmaker, Activist, and Human Being, I try to approach people in life with the same understanding and empathy that I would want to receive. I don’t always get it right and I often hurt people by accident. I’m not perfect. But I keep trying to nurture my understanding of the textures in life, within people. Some of the most subtle qualities can be the most beautiful and life-changing.

I am promising myself that I am going to start blogging everyday. I’ve never committed to daily posts on The Lair before so I’m a little nervous. But writing solely for myself makes me feel really good, so I’m going to give it a try because you never know what could come from it. 😀

Friends and family in my life have encouraged me to write more for myself, so I’m going to take their support and turn that into something positive here on The Lair.
If you’re curious about some of the ways that I have chosen to give back this year, here are some examples:

– Donating to teachers through

– Giving my time and resources to my grassroots non-profit, the POC Zine Project

– Training to be a foster parent through You Gotta Believe! (adopting a teen next year)

I have learned so much about myself through these three experiences. Looking back, I would say that my personal form of activism over the years has been the biggest source of knowledge and resources for me. Helping others has made me who I am today (professionally and personally).

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  • Carolina Rose

    Made me miss you and New York all afresh.  Those photos are gallery worthy.  You have to have a certain innner “eye” that can capture a moment in time and at least some of its magic and value.  The same with life and people.  May we all develop our inner eyes and collide meaningfully with each other in the process!  Thanks for blogging a texture rich inspiration.  I look forward to many more.

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