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On My Radar: Obama Halloween Pumpkins

Obama Pumpkin
I don’t remember where I first noticed this but wanted to share my delight in discovering that people will be campaigning for Obama no matter what – even through a pagan holiday.

(More Obama pumpkin photos + how you can make one, after the jump!)

The slideshow is just a feed pulled from flickr. If you like some of the photos,
give the creator some love and post a comment!

Obama Pumpkin-ness On The Interwebs has patterns that you can use to create your own Obama pumpkin!

According to their poll, more than half of users are choosing an Obama pattern over one of McCain 😉 has a great blog full of daily Obama pumpkin shots. People are so creative, some of them look like they belong in a museum (but then they would rot).

Republicans For Obama are even spreading the pumpkin love!

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