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Traumatizing my Co-Workers To Remind You To Register To Vote

A few days ago I tried to check my registration status online and was shocked to discover that I had no record. The realization that I still needed to register to vote (combined with low blood sugar) resulted in me writing a very bizarre script that I didn’t think would be approved, let alone made.

Thankfully it was approved and our flexible and patient talent agreed to be put through some unusual direction. The result was that I was able to both get the message out about registering AND watch my coworkers do weird things around my desk.

This promo was inspired by David Lynch, war propaganda films, cartoons and Reefer Madness.

Watch after the jump!


You can read Jim’s traumatized perspective of the shoot on the MTV Newsroom blog.

It was a lot of fun producing this piece and working in the edit with our very talented Sujit Agrawal. He’s the most talented editor I’ve ever met and makes me feel like a drunk monkey with one thumb on the Avid.

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