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Girl 27 And What’s In Your Movie Que?

This past weekend I tried to take it easy and get back in the habit of taking photos. I cleaned up around the apartment but managed to get a way for a bit to explore the Union Square farmer’s market, where I bought some cute plants.

I also hung out with Le Stinky, my new roommate. I rescued him about a month ago and until I figure out what to do with him, he’s been amusing me with his cat insanity and clawing my toes.

More photos on my Flickr.

Some time last week a co-worker gave me a DVD that had me transfixed through most of last night:

Girl 27 – Director David Stenn’s Girl 27 is a fiercely dramatic account of a Hollywood scandal that is as pertinent and tragic today as it was in the late 1930s, despite the fact that it’s an incident no one seems to remember. Stenn wades heavily into this more than six-decades-old cover-up, which he stumbled upon while doing research for a book on Jean Harlow. Although he prides himself on being an expert on MGM, he had never heard of a 17-year-old dancer named Patricia Douglas, who was raped at a party during the studio’s annual sales convention in 1937. (Sundance)

Girl 27 Linkage

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Lately I haven’t gone to the movies as much as I usually do, but I did discover this gem on Sunday while rifling through the $1 shelves at Strands Bookstore:

Dictionary of Films by Georges Sadoula compact guide to the world’s most important films. It’s a great addition to my collection of books on movie history, and will aide me in future DVD purchases. It’s already reminded me that I still need to watch and buy Ace in the Hole.

Saw Recently: In Theaters
2 Days In Paris, Resident Evil: Extinction, Blade Runner: The Final Cut

Bought & Saw Recently: On DVD
Alien, All About Eve, Mommy Dearest, Laura, Easy Rider

I Want To See: In Theaters
Trade, The Darjeeling Limited, 3:10 To Yuma, The Brave One, In The Valley of Ella, The Last Winter, My Kid Could Paint That, The Assassination of Jesse James, Death at a Funeral

I Want To See: Coming To Theaters
Michael Clayton, We Own the Night – October 12, Elizabeth: The Golden Age – October 12, I’m Not There – November 21st, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street – December 21st

What movies have you seen lately that you’ve loved?


  • pratty

    We own the night was the suckfest of all suckfests. That movie made me want to scratch out eva mendez’s eyes. It made Baby Momma look like a work of cinematic genius. HORRIBLE. Loved Darjeeling Limited and really enjoyed the brave one. Jodie Foster is a rock star and WES ANDERSON… well you know my love for him cannot be expressed in words.

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