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Last FM keeps me from my B.F.F :(

… Well, not really. But I was dismayed to discover a minute ago that unless you are a paying subscriber (I refuse to pay until I am certain I think this service entirely rocks), you cannot listen to the radio stations of your friends UNLESS they happen to also be logged in also. This sucks. I understand why I cannot have a radio station as a free user, but I think it’s unwise to suddenly block all free members from listening to paid users radio stations. Where’s my motivation to pay now?

I love The Barnes’ radio station and now that she has moved temporarily to Shanghai (and won’t be on Last FM anytime soon), I won’t be able to listen to her music. Listening to her music was a way of keeping up with her life, and now that Last FM won’t allow to do this without paying, I don’t know how much motivation I have to log in.

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