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Univision is becoming Cross-Platform Savvy! But their Video portal needs work.

Univision recently launched their video portal on and will be featuring a social networking service as well. You can now also get selected clips from Univision programming on your cell phones, according to MEDIAWEEK.

Unfortunately, the video portal’s design (as of right now) is a little weak. When you click on the video icon on Univision main it brings you to a medical looking search page consisting of one tiny search box and a huge expanse of white that is only occupied by a user info submission form. Why not put all that empty space to good use? Promote some featured videos, display polls, user comments, etc. Jazz it up guys.

After searching for “Jennfer Lopez”, I was even more discouraged. Results were displayed with a thumbnail and chronologically by date uploaded, with one line of descriptive text. Why not offer search options? (by date, most popular, etc). And again, page real estate is not properly utilized. Only 50% of the results page is occupied, leaving a blank white half. When I clicked on the first result, it opened up another window playing the video but that also provided in a sidebar all the options that should have been available in the main portal page (related videos, promo, a larger search box). It’s a little confusing.

My best and oldest friend Rose Hernandez is the Master Control Operator for Univision and Telefutura. Rose, if you are reading this, I am curious to hear what you think about Univision’s video portal usability.

Also tell Trini her Titi loves her xo

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