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Monday Linkage: Reconciling “Me” with Me

My Dear “Me” Generation,

What’s it all about? You want to make the content, create the ads that promote the content, then send the content to your friends and make money off of them, relying on us to serve as audience and distributor. What’s wrong with this paradigm? In theory, nothing. …Yet. However the more our personal, niche interests are exploited for our own pleasure and economic gain, the more privacy we lose. Is privacy less important to the “Me” generation? Time will tell. But until then, by all means, continue to post the minutiae of your life for everyone to see.

But don’t complain when prospective employers choose not to interview you because of narcissistic video confessions. Peeps – Do you honestly think HR isn’t Googling you?
How do you protect your freedom of self expression online and still present yourself as an attractive candidate to employers?

Let’s continue observing the way life is being altered (for better or for worse) by all this connectivity.

And you’ll have to excuse the toxic levels of cynicism in today’s posting. I saw Spiderman 3 last night and had to gouge my eyes out with my straw, so I’m not in the best mood.

Say It Better Than JWT

cynopsisCurrent TV is partnering users with advertisers via their VCAM project. The goal? To create ad messages “by our audience for your audience.” If you have a great idea for selling a product, there’s a chance it could end up on Current TV, other networks, websites, or in movie theaters. Beyond the $5,000 for your ad airing on Current TV and as a web advertisement, there are (in theory) many other lucrative opportunities to use your creatively to make some extra cash and perhaps, a living.

This isn’t exactly breaking news but, I thought it was a good example of the developing “user generated content for users” web worker culture. Read more here.

(If you like this kind of info, subscribe to Cynopsis Digital)


CoolzOr – You know what? Slideshows are old school. Get with the times, Grannies. Not only do I want to see 800 photos of your children at Chuck E Cheeze with laser beams shooting out at me during each transition, I want to feel like there’s a chance that by being forced to interact with such an abomination, you might win some money. Because what are friends for right, other than to monetize? Enter ScratchYourself.

TheFutureOfMedia – California State officials announced this week that they expect to provide a statewide cell phone alert system within the next 12 to 14 months.

A great example of something cool and practical. Here’s another idea:

How about a similar voluntary subscription service for the Amber Alert? Imagine – if as soon as a child in your area was reported missing, those identified in that area code received a text describing the child and the perp. You could either call or text in info. That’s a text I would not mind receiving.

Warning “Me” Kiddies: Mom is blogging your Life

MomMeTV – This mom-centric portal celebrated it’s one year anniversary yesterday. Less bitchy but not nearly as hip as UrbanBaby, the site recently added social networking features to allow users to share family photos and videos, start social groups, and blog to their hearts content.

…Imagine ten years from now, you Google your mother and find the clip she made entitled “Time For Sex? Ha!”


Also, am I the only person creeped out by the careless “Peds? Huh?” way that young parents on MySpace are posting images of their children? It seems like there is definitely a growing market of “Young/Hip Moms Who Want to Post Party Photos & A Million Pics of Their Kids but Would Appreciate Some Security Features”, and if MySpace doesn’t want to lose that crowd to other social networking sites, they would be smart to get a comprehensive parents feature in the works pronto. Because let’s face it – today’s glitter eyeliner/I’ve-gone-wild-slideshow-posting teenybopper is tomorrow’s bored housewife with unlimited bandwith.

Totally unrelated but pretty handy…

Converting your blog entries into an Audio Prodcast

masternewmedia -  A breakdown of services transforming your RSS into an audio podcast.

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