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Nylon TV review update

Back in march I complained about the disappointingly low res quality of Nylon Magazine’s “Nylon TV” videos. I liked that the vids were cool/complimentary to their printed articles and all available through MySpace, but could not stand all that jarbly looking footage, no matter how interesting the content was.

A recent issue featured one of my favorite actresses, Charlotte Gainsbourg, so I ventured into their videos area yet again to see if they had any exclusive content. Sure enough – they did, and the video res seemed better.

Sadly, as soon as I was about to relax and enjoy Charlotte talking about her experience recording her new album and listen to her lovely accent, I was distracted by the shaky cam work and choppy edits.

With so many steadicam functions built into most cameras, the simplicity of Nylon TV’s segments, and this particular segment being (guessing) a single cam shoot of a person sitting down talking (one location)….

Q: How difficult should it be for Nylon Mag to produce quality (no shakes, clean edits, decent sound) short form content?

A: Not very hard at all.

However for some reason, they still haven’t perfected their formula. It would be one thing if Nylon TV was being promoted as “produced by the interns so bare with us”, then we could forgive the shoddy production value and think the shakies here and there were cute, but that is not the case. And shaky cam work is rarely cute especially when it can be easily prevented.

Plain and simple – They are a class act magazine that I love with a less than class act video offering (for now)

I do hope to see better produced Nylon TV segments in the future and will continue to visit their online videos area – a rare thing for me to do after reading a magazine – (despite low vid production value… they must be doing something right).

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