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Women In Film through Subway Musings

On the subway this morning with Jennifer I posed my usual list question. Today’s was:

“Name all currently working Female Film Directors”

I say currently because so often a woman will direct a film, and then you never hear from her again or her work is few and far between. The rule was, she has to have consistently made at least one film every few years

Here are resources for those who want to cheat, but we came up with:

Mira Nair – Salaam Bombay, Monsoon Wedding, Vanity Fair, The Namesake…

Sofia Coppola – Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation, Marie Antoinette… She is the third woman in history to be nominated for a Best Director Academy Award, sharing this honor with Jane Campion (The Piano) and Lina Wertmüller (Seven Beauties).

 Mary Harron -  I Shot Any Warhol, American Psycho, The Notorious Bettie Page

Karyn Kusama – Girl Fight, Eon Flux

Kasi Lemmons – Eve’s Bayu, Dr. Hugo, The Caveman’s Valentine, Talk to Me… She also played a supporting role in Silence of the Lambs. I saw her speak in 1999 on a panel for the Women in Film Networking Event, which also marked the 2nd time I ever flew anywhere by my self.

… That was all we could think of. Being crushed between large people doesn’t leave a lot of room for brainstorming.

… I wanted to say Kimberly Peirce but she hasn’t done anything since Boys Don’t Cry, which is a shame. And Allison Anders, although directing a lot for TV, hasn’t directed anything for film since Things Behind The Sun, which I didn’t even see.

I also couldn’t think of one well known (to U.S. audiences) Latina film director.

… Happy Friday with the Peanuts Gang!


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