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On My Radar: Alicia Warrington

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

ALICIA WARRINGTON FUCKING RULES. Thor’s hammers are attached to her delicate but mighty frame and I am not the only one who has noticed. Alicia recently toured with Gore Gore Girls. She has worked with Lillix, Uh Huh Her, Kelly Osborne, Hannah Montana and more.

What will she do next? I don’t know, but I bet it will melt your face.

Alicia is basically living my alternate dimension dream. She gets to travel the world sharing her musical talents and collaborates with a diverse range of artists. If I wasn’t determined to be a media mogul, (and I had a speck of drumming talent) I would be doing everything I could, Alicia Warrington style.

Tomorrow I am covering Siren Music Festival and I am slightly sad that there aren’t any noteworthy girl drummers. Ah well.

Since I know you are wondering, my dream band would consist of the following:

Lead Vocals – Janelle Monae
Guitar/Vocals – Ife Mora from Sweetie
Keyboard/Vocals – my friend Megan Warner (she is really talented)
Drummer – Alicia Warrington
Bass – Jenn from Girl In A Coma
Upright Bass/Vocals – Esperanza Spalding

They would all dress like variations of a young Katharine Hepburn and the first video would be done entirely underwater, surrounded by coral reef.