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YOUNITY is an international collective of female visual artists, designers, photographers and craftswomen. YOUNITY serves as a bridge that results in artistic mentoring, communal support, and the production of collaborative art shows that promote women in the arts.

Toofly and Alice Mizrachi

Why I’m Going
I co-founded a girl artists collective in 2002 with Claudia Torres called AAGRO (Artistic Assistance for Girls Requesting Opportunities). With the support and resources from over 20 girls (not counting our online friends), we held fundraisers, put on art shows, music events and a female directed short film festival. Local writer Rachel Leibrock supported us by featuring our events in her column, which was a huge help since we were a totally broke/DIY outfit. Thanks again, Rachel!

My friends and I created the collective to inspire ourselves and to fill a void we saw in the local artists commounity. We eventually disbanded (we were young and kinda hot headed) but all members have gone on to pursue their own creative dreams as fashion designers, teachers, filmmakers and more. (more…)