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On My Radar: Amazing Millennials & The LAMP

When 10-year-old Jonathan E. McCoy wrote and delivered this speech “A New Petition” at Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, he had no idea the controversy it would spawn.

Though there have been numerous contrary posts, Jonathan remains unscathed by the venom and maintains that the N-word should be deleted from our vocabulary “as a people, nation and the world.”

Jonathan started a petition in February 2009 at You may pledge your support by doing an alpha search at of the letter “D” for ‘deleting the “n” word’. – via @jazzzyone

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend since 2005: Big Media’s onslaught of published articles and videos on the web bemoaning the sad state of Gen Y. Our generation and the younger set are being portrayed by the media as coddled, gadget-dependent spoiled brats who are not prepared for life beyond their usual routine of texting, videogames and lethargic marathons in front of the TV. This is bullshit.

True, there are some kids out there who need their parents to cut the apron strings, but there are even MORE young people out there TRANSFORMING THE WORLD.

Millennials are empowered in unprecedented ways. They are using technology and inspiration from previous leaders and activists to create amazing change in their lives.

Their efforts are tangibly affecting those around them and manifesting across the globe. It’s so inspiring that I can barely contain myself!

Obviously, young people can only be self-motivated to a certain degree. They need resources and support — ideally from their parents, but in the cases where that just isn’t a reality, we need to pull together as a nation (and planet) to make resources available.

I am volunteering with The LAMP (Learning About Multimedia Project) this summer, an organization (and for the first time, a summer camp!) that addresses the lack of basic media literacy education in New York City schools and communities.

The Lamp offers offers free workshops and public events designed to help young people, parents and teachers make sense of the media barrage they encounter in their daily lives.

Here are some resources to track inspiring millennial stories.
Feel free to post other links in the comments:

YPulse Research – Youth marketing to teens, tweens & Generation Y (Gen Y). They also provide daily news & commentary. @Ypulse is on Twitter.

myBLOC – A social networking website for young activists of color. – A non-profit created by a former NYC public school teacher, Charles Best, to connect teachers needs with people who could help fund them. Check out some of the projects that the classrooms are taking on. Inspiring!

Ghetto Film School – GFS is an award-winning youth media organization (Mayor’s Award for Arts and Culture, Rush Philanthropic Arts for Life Award, and The Union Square Award). Their students and their work have been featured on IFC TV, E!, BBC’s Talking Movies, ABC News Now, CNN News, The NY Times, The Huffington Post and several film magazines.