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Obama & Me

On November 4th I am voting for Barack Obama.

I ran into him in Union Square park last weekend and I let him know how cool I think his Obama-Biden tax calculator is.

No, that is not just a cut out of Obama. Stop hating.

If you’re still not sure who you want to vote for, check out If you’re still confused, MTV has some really informative breakdowns available to watch on demand.

A while back MTV partnered with MySpace to present live (on air and online) town hall style discussions with the candidates. Both Obama and McCain had to candidly answer audience questions on a multitude of issues.

 MTV/MySpace Presidential Dialogues

(segments are broken down by topic and can be viewed individually, at your own pace)

John McCain

Barack Obama

MTV then covered both the RNC and DNC to present breakdowns of their speeches.

If you are having trouble watching the videos on you can also view them on MySpace. (More links and resources after the jump!)