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Stuff I Love: The Gossip’s MUSIC FOR MEN coming June 22nd!

– Beth Ditto on the launch cover of Love Magazine

This controversial singer calls herself a ‘fat, feminist lesbian from Arkansas’. In 2007, Beth Ditto is said to have turned down a design deal with Topshop after criticizing their ‘limited’ sizing policy.

“If there’s anyone to blame for size zero, it’s not women,’ Beth said. ‘Blame gay men who work in the fashion industry who want these women as dolls. Men don’t know what it feels like to be a woman and be expected to look a particular way.’

‘The Beckhams are part of the machine; Paris Hilton is part of the machine.”

I first saw Beth Ditto perform with The Gossip in 2002 at Ladyfest Bay Area. I was struck by this large girl throwing herself at the audience, flinging herself into the pit naked and howling, while the crowd moved her high in the air with such ease. She didn’t give a fuck.

After that incident, I bought all of her albums. She reminded me of Janis Joplin and Mamma Cass, if they had fused together and grew up in the South, listening to Black Flag and the Bad Brains.

The Gossip may be regulars on MTV these days and partying it up with Kate Moss, but Beth Ditto remains a proud fat white lesbian activist who refuses to hide who she is.

She appears to care more about being true to herself than being a celebrity, and in her case it’s paying off. People love her because she IS her. Unapologetically.

I can’t wait to hear MUSIC FOR MEN on June 22nd. I loved Live In Liverpool but gave it away to a drunk gay boy on the subway. I felt he needed it more than I did. I’ve been waiting for new material ever since.

The Gossip’s U.S. tour will begin later this year and I will definitely be attending a New York and/or Cali show. =)

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